Friday, May 14, 2010

Mission Statement

Science is amazing, and is one of the few links we have to an bright and prosperous future. But such a future is not carved out over night, nor is it a future ensured by the work of the present generation. No, such a world will be crafted by the progeny to follow, some of who are beginning their first forays into formal education.

It is at this point that we must provide children with the boundless opportunities afforded by such a diverse, complex, and intriguing world. We must expose them to science and engineering as wondrous tools for problem solving, collaboration, and satisfying pure curiosity.

As students progress through their education, they often become bogged down in the mire of the intricacies of mathematical calculations, nomenclature, and the nitty gritty of science, and become discouraged. But if a true and fundamental love of the sense of discovery, of innovation and insight is planted early on, even the toughest teacher, class or exam won't be able to uproot their will to persevere.

This Blog will serve as a repository of lesson plans and teaching materials related to the Summer Concepts 2010 course for Elementary School children (K-5), plus related science materials of general interest. The course will cover an array of scientific disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, mechanical engineering, among others.

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