Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Bunsen Burners Contest

I hereby announce my First Contest to my loyal readership (all three of you). I recently found out that two of my darling students (the brother-brother terrors of N--- and A--) are somewhat famous. Their family was featured on an episode of The Supernanny a few years ago, a show where some British woman comes and tells parents how to deal with their rotten devil-spawn children. I really want to see this episode. I believe it's Season 3 Episode 7 (The Smith Family). I really want to know how bad this family is and if they've improved any over the last few years.

The contest is: the first person to find a video of the episode and make it available to me (a working link to a streaming video is fine), will win the prize.

"What's the prize?" one might ask. Well, aside from my undying gratitude and a whole slew of congratulatory statements directed in your general direction, I'm prepared to offer something more tangible. I haven't decided what it is, but it will be awesome. It could be something as cold and impersonal as cash-money, or something as heart-warming and adorable (read: free) as a personalized video of all my kids saying hello to you. Details can be discussed upon delivery of the video.

I suppose there's no time limit to this contest, but the sooner the better. And please, no Rick-rolling*, we're all too old for that type of thing. If you do, Ten Points from Hufflepuff! I don't care which House you're in, Hufflepuff had it coming, with their kind heartedness and general glee.

So, with that, let the games begin. I'm serious people. Scour the internet! Find me that video! Bring me Peter Pan! Sorry, wandered off topic a bit there.

*or as my good friend, Max, calls it: Rick-a-rolling.


  1. Here's a copy dubbed in French, but the important bits relevant to you are in English. It features such gems as "Go, Nathan, go. Go pee pee on the toilet."

    Prize requested: whatever you like.

  2. Impressive research skills, Angela. I tried for about twenty minutes to no avail and almost installed malware on my computer. Fortunately, Windows Defender caught it and removed the threat successfully.

  3. Thanks, Anthony! My skills in finding copies of videos that I want to watch but aren't very free has served me quite well in the past. This may be why my grades are slipping....