Thursday, July 01, 2010

Baby Bunsen Burners Contest the Second

I feel like hosting another contest. So here it is:

Ba da da da!

I want more followers. As of now I have seven (7), which is sad. I would like more. The first person to recruit another Follower (I'm like a cult leader. Quick, everyone drink the special punch before the rocket ship moves on from behind the moon) will win the prize. I'll even give a prize to the 8th Follower.

Here's the rules:
-The new recruit must be a real person, not an additional account you create. I'm smart, I can tell if you're doing this.
-You must provide proof that you're responsible for the recruitment, such as an email transcription, a recorded phone call, etc.
-In the event of a tie (such that I cannot tell who recruited a new Follower first), I will give the prize to whomever recruits more people.

Again, the prize for the winner is negotiable, and will be discussed upon completion of the task, but I think some sort of science toy (like magnetic Buckyballs) would be appropriate.

Have at it people. Father Sakimoto will be pleased.

1 comment:

  1. I am the EIGTH FOLLOWER! I was recruited by ANTHONY HSU. I was part of the SQUIDS of the YPMB during the Brown football game last year when I visited Anthony.