Sunday, July 25, 2010

In Memoriam: Hasta La Vista….Vista.

For since you've been my one and only, true,
I've grown accustomed to your buggy ways.
That you have flaws, not quirks, is nothing new,
This partnership has seen some better days.

My friends all say that you're no good for me,
That I could do much better for myself.
A perfect 10 is no reality,
But you're no 7, bottom of the shelf.

The Window 'tween os now comes to an end,
For you give me no reason to stay true.
This latest virus that you did not mend,
It isn't me, it really is just you.

And though she seems the same, she shares your styles,
At least she lets me see her hidden files.

---KKS 7/25/10


  1. Are you addressing an animate or inanimate object?

  2. Look at the labels to this post and take a guess.

  3. Ahahaha, I am so oblivious to the numerous clues, like the title.

    I thought you and Angela had broken up.

  4. Now I just am in awe of your masterful use of language.

  5. Also, Max had initially thought the exact same thing as you.