Thursday, July 29, 2010

We're (more than) Halfway There. Whoa! Livin' On A Prayer

God bless Bon Jovi for trying to make "there" rhyme with "prayer". Granted, I've done a lot worse (see previous post).

I've been working off and on on this cryptex project, and have made some real headway. Rather than having me explain it, I'll, explain it:

The seal I used to emblazon/brand my endcaps with are the latest find of my grandpa's tools. He would always mark his tools with that, but I could never find the branding iron itself. After some digging and sadly annihilating a family of cockroaches, I found it. (Note: butane torches are not only good for making creme brulee, they can also make metal very very hot. [Note: very very hot metal is, well....very very hot.])

And since we're nearing the end of this project, we'll look towards future ones. I have a ton of lamellar plates left over from my Military History Club days, and have considered making a sweet suit of armor for myself. It would also be a great thing to have for ComicCon. ComicCon next year, anyone?

I also, for some time now, have been playing around with home made instruments. I have a bunch of pvc flutes that sound very nice, and have been looking into other materials. After eyeing some copper tubing at City Mill, I think a nice pennywhistle would make a nice afternoon project.

My other, more involved option, would be to make rolled fondant and try my had at cake decorating. I've been researching recipes, and think it's pretty manageable. Who knows, if I get really good at this, people will get some sweet birthday/holiday/end-of-exams/really-tough-exam/what-the-heck,-it's-Tuesday cakes in the future.

And then there's always the option of teaching myself programming, which would free me from having to take the class in the spring, and die. But a month isn't a lot of time for such a thing.

We shall see.



  1. Kelsey, you can't put that you love yourself as a passcode. that's just silly. And slightly narcissistic. And too easily crackable. Esp. when you put it on the webs for everyone to see. :D

    Good luck finishing. The engraving is totally sweeeeeet.

  2. A few thoughts:
    (1) You can pause the video where you show the passwords you've been thinking about and can read the passwords quite clearly.
    (2) I've never heard anyone say they got blisters or bruises from doing what you mime at 1:30 of the video.
    (3) What's that book "bonk" about?
    (4) Nice work on the cryptex! It looks really cool.
    (5) What programming class are you taking in the spring?
    (6) You should make a chain mail suit.

  3. Yes people, I realize that you can see the passcodes if you pause the video. BTW's, those aren't the passcodes, I just need to figure out which 13 of 26 letters are going on each tumbler. I just wanted to make sure certain phrases can line up. I've decided this cryptex will also act as a cipher for what's in the cryptex, so certain phrases need to line up. Those aren't the passcodes. I'm not nearly that narcissistic. Today, at least.

    2)you can if you do it wrong.
    3)It's by this awesome author, Mary Roach. You should read her stuff. Bonk's about the science of sex. Her other books are about death, the afterlife, and space exploration. I really like her. She actually has a pretty sweet TED talk.
    5)I'm supposed to take the engineering one (ENAS 130, I believe), but I don't really want to. It's a prereq, so I think I can talk my way out of it.
    6)I did make a chain mail suit, a halberk. I'll post pictures later. It's very heavy.

  4. 2) You do you speak from experience? This has never happened for me. How can you do it that wrong?
    3) Oh wow, now I understand what was on your mind as you made this video.
    5) Reading the course description, it sounds pretty useful and touches on many languages/programs that I probably will never use as a CS major pursuing a career in the software development industry, like Fortran, Matlab, and Mathematica. If you do take it, let me know how it is. If you want a more challenging course, I recommend CS 223 :).
    6) Hahaha, I'm impressed but not entirely surprised. You should run wearing your suit. It'd be like weight training.